Amity JEE 2018 Exam Pattern

Amity JEE 2018 Pattern of Examination:

Amity JEE is one of the TOP competitive exams and has a similar pattern to most of the exams.

  • Mode: Amity JEE is a computer-based examination.
  • Paper Pattern: The Amity JEE exam question paper contains a total of 90 Questions from the subjects specified in the syllabus.
  • Duration: The time allotted for the Amity JEE examination would be 120 minutes (2 hours).
  • Time: For each question, a candidate is allotted an approximately 1.25 minutes.
  • Question Type: The questions in the Amity JEE examination are all Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Note: The candidate is only supposed to select one right answer from the given options. If the candidate selects multiple answers for one question, that question would be considered invalid and would not be evaluated.
  • Marking Scheme: For every correct answer, candidates will get 4 marks whereas for every wrong answer 1 will be deducted.
  • Subjects: The questions related to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, and English topics will be asked in Amity Jee Examination.
  • Level: The difficulty level of the questions is carefully maintained according to the maximum time.
  • Mandatory: It is mandatory to attend all the sections.
 Exam Pattern for Amity JEE 2018
Subject Type of Question Number of Questions
Chemistry Multiple Choice Question 25
Physics Multiple Choice Question 25
Mathematics/Biology Multiple Choice Question 25
English Multiple Choice Question 15
Total Questions 90
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