Amity JEE 2018 Reference Books

Amity JEE 2018 Reference Books

Reference Textbooks to prepare for Amity JEE 2018:

H.C. Verma:

  • Thi textbook was written by one of the Professors from IIT-Kanpur. This textbook clearly explains all the difficult problems in a very detailed manner. The textbook helps students think in a very strategic and in an analytical manner and helps them solve troublesome problems. The candidate must learn the basics really well in before they move on to this book since the problems are difficult and need a good understanding of the subjects.

Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur (Objective book):

  • This textbook is one the best and can be used by any engineering student to better understand the basics concepts of Physical Chemistry.

NCERT Physics 11th and 12th class:

  • Physics NCERT textbook has been written really well for Physics.

Resnick, Halliday and Walker (Optional):

  • The candidates can use this textbook as an additional book to widen their understanding of the concepts that they have studied. The textbook uses real-life examples and concepts to better teach the students.

NCERT Maths 11th and 12th:

  • The exercises in this textbook are simplified and help the students understand the basics. This textbook is highly recommended for students who are just starting off with the fundamental basics of Maths for their Amity JEE 2018

NCERT Chemistry 11th and 12th class:

  • The NCERT textbooks are really easy to understand. The students can use this textbook to strengthen their fundamentals of the subject and then later move on to the difficult textbooks.

Arihant Organic Chemistry Objective (Optional):

  • NCERT textbook is really good to learn the basics of Organic and Inorganic chemistry since all the problems are simplified.

S.L. Loney for Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry:

  • This book is an advanced section from the reference books. This textbook is even referred to by the Ph.D. students since the concepts here are advanced. It is advised to have a mentor or a teacher present when referencing from this textbook since there are many extra concepts that students preparing for Amity JEE would not require.

Das Gupta Objective:

  • The students can use this textbook as a means of testing their strength in their particular subjects. This textbook has questions from every aspect and can provide an overall practice.

G.N. Berman:

  • This textbook is mainly meant for calculus but there are other problems from a few chapters that the candidates can use. The students must only to stick on to Calculus since this textbook contains many advanced mathematical problems that student preparing for Amity JEE will not require.

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